How many movies –TV and cinema–are not chockablock with the Progressive Potemkin Village: acres of Phallic Females and Numinous Negroes? The propaganda is massive and unrelenting.

Yet, back on Planet Earth, vanishingly few females can rise to the levels of performance required for combat. And the number of AfricansInAmerica with IQ’s north of 115 is only 4% of their population and 1/2 of 1% of the country’s population.

If you want to know what realm dominated by these demographics is really like, just check out the Democratic Party and all its works.

The gift that keeps on giving

My postings have dropped quite a bit in the last while. As I think I said, Facebook is so much easier to rant on and I am a slothful man.


I call this post The Gift That Keeps On Giving in reference to the Genesis story of Adam and Eve.


It is a world classic. In such a short space, people have found endless ways to read it, so dense is it with meanings. When I found my new religion, I may include it in the new scriptures, in the section where we deal with matters of the soul, not in the sections on nature or history. Like any great myth, it becomes false when historicized.

But here’s a hilarious comment from the Vox Day site, where they were dealing with Christianity vs. feminism. This one particularly amused me this morning. From commenter Artisanal Toad:


The Apostle Paul said Eve was deceived, it was not a discontented Eve trying to be like God, she was deceived and it was her solipsism that did it. But nobody reads this story anymore and learns the lesson of what is being taught, because this story is the stake through the heart of feminism.

Eve was the greatest of all women, the mother of all, created by God and not born with a sin nature (as was every woman who came after her). She lived in paradise before sin entered the world, was naked and unashamed, walked with God in the cool of the day, had no job, no children, no responsibilities…

And she proved she couldn’t follow the ONE AND ONLY RULE they had.

She had job, to follow ONE RULE.

Afterward God was faced with a decision. What does one do with women, when the greatest of them all, at the top of her game with no outside influences or distractions, proves she can’t follow even one rule and because of her innate solipsism got deceived by a slick line and created the original train wreck? What would any judge do with someone like that?

Declare them incompetent and appoint a guardian.

Look at it from that perspective and read Genesis 3:16.

“yet your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.” And what does that mean? Read Numbers 30 and see for yourselves.

Feminism is all about equality and the claim that men and women are equal. No, by God’s first judgment, women are not equal to men and never will be. Women were declared incompetent by God and a guardian was appointed over them.

If you read the narrative carefully, you’ll notice that Adam was not deceived and observe the choice he made. God said “in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.” Adam chose, knowing the consequences, to eat of the fruit and die with his wife after she ate the fruit. Thus, oneitis is a lack of faith in God. Satan used Eve as a tool to take down Adam, the head of all creation, which is how creation was cursed and sin entered the world.

But if you’re looking for the curse on Adam, go back to Genesis 3:16. Adam was appointed to be Eve’s guardian. That is the curse on Adam (and likewise all men) right there.

Feminism is the attempt to deny this, claiming that women and men are equal. Genesis 3:16 is the context of every single passage concerning the submission of wives in the NT. And women hate this, because God does not change. Women still bring forth their children in pain, snakes still crawl on their bellies, and men are still to rule over their wives.

Denying Genesis 3:16 is the foundation of feminism.

The curse on women was to bring forth children in pain.

The judgment of God was to establish a guardianship.

The curse on men was to be appointed as the guardian.


Reminds me of irascible old St Jerome’s response to ordaining women as priests: “Eve preached once, and wrecked the whole world.”