Women, in universities,

are an invasive species.


Pretty clear

As the opening of his piece about the perverse and racist Alt-Right, this anecdote from a conservative Catholic writer:

“As you may know, many young conservatives have left Christianity,” the message begins. “Although I was raised Catholic, I too am leaving Catholicism, as I believe it is no longer a healthy religion.”

The young man’s name is Dan, and he explains why he is apostatizing. “The Church has become the number one enemy of Western Civilization. Soon the only people left in Christianity will be third-world immigrants and a handful of self-hating whites.”

In recent months, emails like Dan’s have been sent to several Christian academics and clergy. His name is likely phony, but for a growing number of young men, the sentiments he expresses are real.

Après lui, le deluge?

via Jordan Peterson the Gate-KeeperScreen Shot 2018-03-22 at 9.03.33 AM

For all the good stuff he says and does, in the end, he will not cross The Line. But he will help others reach it. And they will cross it.

As a psychologist, he must surely know that what is most heavily taboo’d is the real issue. And there is nothing more heavily taboo’d than race. It is the fulcrum of the evil orthodoxy which is sucking the life out of our civilization.

But he also knows that to cross The Line means professional suicide. Hell, they already call him a fascist.

When it comes to religion

rational discussion goes out the window.

The Alt-Right world is very divided on the issue of Christianity. Most, it seems to me, are anti-Christian, the Nietzscheans and the Neo-Pagans. Some are very Christian.

The post-WWII Church, and especially the post-Cold War Church (in the West; Orthodoxy is a bit different) are worse than useless. Traitorously anti-White.

But that is something new.

I point out three things to my Righty mates:

One. Aside from the dogmatic theology of Christianity, Christian Europe was a New Right paradise. NONE of the things the Alt-Right hates were in place.

Two. After the very anti-Christian and wholly self-produced European Enlightenment’s trumpeting of universal human rights, the power of Christianity began to fall, so that eventually (as it had with Rome, feudalism, etc) the Church adapted itself to the new regime and what you have now is Enlightened Christianity, something that, until 1789, would have been unthinkable.

Third, attacking Christianity not only alienates the most likely popular source of support for the Whites (religiously conservative Christians) but has the Alt-Right and the WN’s joining with organized Judaism and the SJW’s in hating on (as the Ebos say) Christianity. Why do they hate it? Because it’s the religion of the White Gentile.

Something for them to think about.

But, of course, religion is pre-rational and they won’t.