America Is A Black Country

Have a very bad cold and stuck in bed in a place where I have to watch cable and network television. This must be one of the previously Unnamed circles of hell in Dantes Inferno. Primary impression? The screen is overflowing with the Negroes.  You might think that they are only one out of eight people in this country, which is statistically accurate, but if you were to judge by what you see,  in virtually all the shows,  and especially in commercials, you would swear that they were at the very least 50% of the population.


Worth reading

I rarely post here now, being netted by Facebook, which is much easier and provides instant gratification.

But here’s an article by Mr John Derbyshire which gets to the heart of the whole sad matter: the impossibility of our situation being solved on the basis of our current emotional assumptions.

As an immigrant, he puts his finger on one of the powerful determinants of contemporary America: the passionate desire of American Whites to find reasons to think well of Blacks in America.

And he quotes Dr Johnson’s terse verdict on such things: “The triumph of hope over experience.”


More EvilThink

When the disastrous Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, the assumption behind it was the Blacks were actually equal to White in all areas of life and that they had been criminally forced into a situation where these gifts and talents were suppressed, just because Whites (Southrons most especially) were groundlessly evil. And the Federal Government became The Church of the State, proclaiming and enforcing (emphasis on forcing) the New Revelation of Universal Non-Discrimation and Equality. (With such a noble goal, why do you need an actual church?)

And so the whole Passion Play/Soap Opera began.

But after more than a half century of evidence, data, facts, visible performance and repeated behavior, it is obvious that these assumptions were wrong.

And because the Blacks were dogmatically pronounced Equal In Every Way (that is, Just Like Us But Darker and More Soulfully Cool), nothing was ever demanded of them. There was no expectation laid out that had to be met in order for them to be granted access to the realms they envied. No criticism of them was allowed. And so when they played out their actual character as a group, the only option was to ramp up the accusations of White wrongdoing.

Blacks don’t want to be White, don’t want to be like Whites. Wherever they are, they enact Blackness. Why should this surprise anyone? What is the taunt laid on Black students who try to speak English and learn? “Acting White.” They just want our status and our power and our money and our stuff, but they want to be themselves at the same time. And since they can’t get it by this kind of performance (50 years of evidence), they have to get it by blackmail (sic), which requires the ever-increasing pathologization of Whites to cover up the ever-decreasing achievements of Blacks. If you don’t accede to all our demands and give us what we want, you be “rayciss!”  A word which has cowed The Most Foolish People On The Planet© into anxious compliance. The worst of us even thank our plunderers for helping us to see how truly awful we really are, our inherent “unconscious racism” and its “structural racist” companion. No escape from your evil, Whitey.

Using the “hate-facts” about this situation automatically makes this post “racist.” That’s how the binary goes: you cannot hold Blacks responsible for their failures, but must always blame Whites for them. To do otherwise is “racist White supremacy.”

It is a deadly game which, once you accept the rules, can eventually only have one outcome. Unless, the Whites wake up some day and do a complete and utter and ruthless 180.



Sola ScripturaLand

Wandering through the realms of endless Protestant bickering, with hordes little mini-popes, endlessly splintering into one True Church after another, from Drs. Luther & Calvin’s 500 year old denominations to Bill & Ted’s 10 minutes old Excellent Bible Shack, this phrase comes to mind:

The Tower of Bible

As my friend the Gnostic bishop says, “I may be a heretic, but I’m no Protestant!”