“You Stole America from the Indians”


This is why I suggest that in the New Post-American country, we call Columbus Day “Conquering Peoples Day,” just to make it clear. Venimus, vidimus, vicimus. It’s what people do.

This narrative is at the heart of the virulently anti-White Progressive religion. And it’s BS.

I never call the AmerIndians “Native Americans.” It’s part of the Prog NewThink paradigm, aimed at getting White Americans to delegitimize ourselves. Clearly the AmerIndians were here before us, competing with each ohter for land through violence for thousands of years. Humans. But they were not “Americans” and the lands they lived on were only given that very European name by the Europeans/Whites who invaded and took over. Calling them “Native Americans” makes as much sense as calling the few Greeks left  in their ancient homeland of Asia Minor “Native Turks.”

Wanna see a real Native American? Me.



One thought on ““You Stole America from the Indians”

  1. We sure did take America from the Indians. We won’t give it back either. That would be Indian Giving and I heartell that is a bad thing to do.


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