Incoherent Progs

Canada has lots of room, argues the immigration lobby, but so do Siberia and Antarctica. Facts and figures why Canada’s natural carrying capacity is actually very low.

Source: The Cold Hard Truth about Canada


This is one example of Prog incoherence about people, nature and science.

While portraying the natural environment as an ailing victim of White Male rapine, they then want to fill it with millions of new people –as long as they’re NonWhite–who put more demands on it. California is example #1: take a place very vulnerable to drought, refuse to build new reservoirs and then import half of Mexico. Canada, here, follows along in it’s immigrant-loving death-song.

And the same science-loving people who trash Biblical “literalists” for rejecting the Darwinian creation story of Man as Smarter Ape then go on to trash race realists who follow the Darwinian story through to its conclusions by denying the un-scientific fantasy dogma of universal human equality.




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