UnCommon Sense on Race

Mr McNallen is a major figure in the neo-Pagan Asatru religion, a revival of the old Norse religion.

I, no surprise, disagree with nothing of substance that he says here.

I do, however, make my usual –perhaps pointless- protest against accepting “racism” as something objective and valid, as an evil reality which one ought to disavow.

The dictionary definition of racism is irrelevant. Its real and only meaning is the shaming, silencing and controlling of Whites who fail to cooperate with our destruction. It is never used meaningfully for any other purpose.  It fulfills the same function as “witch!” did in the pre-modern period, as “counter-revolutionary” has in all the vile Marxist hells and as “kaffir” does in Islam.

If you use the word at all, especially to deny that it applies to you, you only re-inforce its destructive power by granting it the force of unquestioned reality. And as long as you keep using it, it will keep destroying you.

It is a word that cannot be redeemed. It is part of the retro-viral structure of Progress. No self-respecting White should ever use it, only mock and deconstruct it.






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