When Victims Turn Tyrant

An Oregon couple who were forced to pay $135,000 after declining to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple […]

Source: ‘We Lost Everything’: Christian Baker’s Emotional Appeal After Govt Forces Her to Pay $135,000 for… – Linkis.com

There is no behavior more appalling to me by the “LGBT community” than the targeting of small Christian businesses for refusing to take part in genderless marriages: bakers, florists, photographers, B&B owners. The very same sob-stories of victimization that “LGBTs” use to gin up support for whatever their latest project is, are the same ones that they then inflict on people who decline to kowtow to them.

And then they find “homophobia” incomprehensible.

But this is the track of every one of the “victims” we have been trained to “care” about since the 60’s. In the end, their piteous cries for fairness turn into a boot in your face.





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