Equality: The White Moral Cop-Out

Taking equality as your primary ethical value –and this is the very heart of White Liberal surface-ethics– gains you a safe and unassailable moral status among your own and your best initial defense against the attacks of your gender/racial antagonists and enemies. This is its great value and its real purpose: to protect your ego.

It allows you to plead innocent to selfishness, because you want nothing more for yourself than that everybody should have the same. Who can critique for that? On the other hand, equality requires you not only to believe “six impossible things before breakfast” (that, say, Ashkenazi Jews and Mississippi Blacks are “equal”)  but to cooperate in the dismantling, dispossession and destruction of your own race. Which, if you are a Good White Liberal, you will profess not to care about (I care about all races equally) or even to recognize (There is only one race: the human race) except when confessing your White Privilege and your inherent and inescapable White Racism (I’m sorry)…when suddenly races are real and they’re not equal.

“Equality” is the answer to everything and to nothing; is nothing but a White cop-out.*


*Cop out was popularized in the 1960s and used as both a noun and a verb to mean avoiding an unpleasant responsibility, especially in bad TV movies about hippies (“Hey man, joining the FBI is a cop-out!”). But the first use of “cop-out” seems to have come in the 1940s as a development of the “seize or take” sense of “cop.” To “cop-out” meant to confess and accept (“cop”) a deal with the police. Since most such deals involve entering a guilty plea to legal charges, “copping out” in this sense is also known as “copping a plea.” But the important point is that the “cop” involved in “cop-out” is a verb meaning “to take,” and not the police sort of “cop,” although the two share a common source.



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