Christian Collapse

As part of the West’s contraction, Western Christianity is collapsing. Just one area where this is clear: the “ecumenical” attitude toward Jews and Muslims.

Jews relinquish not one inch of their claim to be the Chosen of God nor their complete rejection of Christianity as idolatrous. Under cover of the endless Holocaust narrative, they remain immune to religious critique from the side of the Nazarenes. Muslims assert without any embarrassment or any qualification at all that they are the religion of God’s last and final Messenger. And since they are Third Worlders, any attack on their faith is immediately classed as “racism.”

Only Christians, Catholics and Protestants  –the Orthodox remain largely outside this death spiral–, gripped with post-war and post-colonial insecurity, adopt “dialogue” with these two robustly self-confident and wholly unapologetic competing traditions. It is a dialogue that is completely one-sided.* It certainly benefits Jerusalem and Mecca and it certainly weakens and wounds The Church.

The Vatican’s recent disavowal of any projects to convert Jews completes a decades long retreat from Catholicism’s otherwise 2000 year old claim to be the One True Religion. It no longer acts like that, but its rival have not changed their tune by one note.


I do not see how Catholicism or Protestantism can recover from these retreats. Another reason why the men of the West need a new religion.



*Like the American calls for “a national conversation about race.”



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