Jesuit hypocrisy

The head of the all-male Jesuit order on “inclusion” of females…

Vatican City: the new leader of the global Jesuit order has said the Catholic church should recognize that women are still not allowed to have a full participatory role in the church’s structures.

Source: Global Jesuit leader says women’s inclusion in church structures ’has not yet arrived’ – La Stampa

Unlike many other orders, both ancient and modern, who have both male and female branches, the Jesuits are entirely composed of men. They never have to deal with Jesuit “sisters” who claim to be part of the “family.”

In this they are wise, if hypocritical. One of the worst moves the Dominican Order ever made was to start calling itself the Dominican “Family” and mixing up the friars and the sisters in common projects, etc.  They always bring destruction in their wake.



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