Neurotic Government

Politicians who cannot cope with the realities of governing should stop fantasizing about utopia.

Source: California’s Ineffective Government & Progressive Ideals Conflict with Reality | National Review

CA Gov. Jerry Brown warned of climate change and permanent drought and did not authorize the construction of a single reservoir. Now, California is experiencing near-record rain and snowfall. Had the state simply completed its half-century-old water master plan, dozens of new reservoirs would now be storing the runoff, ensuring that the state could be drought-proof for years. Instead, more than 20 million acre-feet of precious water have already been released to the sea. There is nowhere to put it, given that California has not built a major reservoir in nearly 40 years.

Plus, filling the State with millions of aliens who strain all its systems and resources…how is that being friendly to our fragile Mother Gaia?

So many people deserve to be hanged. In public.


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