“Skin Color Doesn’t Matter”

“(They) have managed to convince millions of Europeans that the destruction of everything our ancestors fought and died for only means a change of hue.You should take a moment to consider that fact. You should take a moment to consider the complete brainwashing it takes to make a people believe its own survival is just a question of superficiality and protecting its own interests just a question of immorality. And you should remember that history has proven, with the right amount of brainwashing, you can literally make people believe almost any kind of shit if it gives them higher status to do so. And when the most powerful institution in the world, the media, ends up in the hands of the worst enemies of the white race, you should no longer be surprised.

Source: “Skin Color Doesn’t Matter”: Or the Truth About the World’s Most Dishonest Straw Man – AltRight.com


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