Clever, but self-destructive

Source: Hungary’s Ugly State-Sponsored Holocaust Revisionism – Tablet Magazine

The Jewish author of this article takes Hungary to task for not being contrite enough about something to do with Jews during WWII. I suspect he’d be proud to promote book-banning when it came to Their Favorite Topic, just as the WJC is for pushing Amazon to do so. (If an event is so staggeringly obvious, why be afraid of a few dissenting books?)

Ashkenazi Jews are the highest IQ ethnicity on earth. But I really wonder sometimes if they are “too clever by half” and wind up shootig themselves in the foot, over and over.

What do you think will be the eventual attitude of European peoples who are constantly reminded of how guilty they should feel for the admittedly regrettable treatment, 75+ years ago, of a nation who always have one foot out the door, identity-wise? Jews have lived among Europeans for millennia but identify as either One Of You And How Dare You Insinuate Otherwise, You Anti-Semite or Not One Of You UnChosenPeople, depending. The Jewish homeland is in western Asia, Israel; not in Europe or America. Yet more than half of the Jewish nation remains outside Israel, preferring, for some reason, to stay among the Goyim, whom they constantly accuse of being on the verge of anti-Semitic crimes.

If you a clever but small mammal living inside a cage with a large carnivore whom you suspect is not all that fond of you, somehow baiting and nagging and prodding him does not seem all that, well, clever.

If the Jews were a single person, and I were his/her therapist, I’d diagnose him/her a neurotically self-destructive.





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