The unbearable Whiteness of being


Archetypally, the color White carries two meanings: brightness, purity, unsulliedness, unstainedness, shining, gleaming, clarity…as well as starkness, emptiness, lack, and blankness.  In fact, as the picture below shows, the Afrikaans word is Blanke.

Whiteness, once the standard of beauty, has been emptied of its powerful meanings and all that is left is the second meaning, most gruesomely in the expression “White-bread” as a descriptor. This most likely refers to the ubiquitous loaves of cheap and sweet white bread common in the 1950’s. It is now considered fake, lacking in flavor or nourishment, a kind of empty cardboard embarrassment.


Thus do so so many Whites –heirs to the most consequential cultures and civilization in all of human history– think of themselves.

They have been fooled into believing that our ancestors’ achievements were all crimes and so our default attitude is supposed to be shame. Because the only alternative, archetypally speaking, is (fully justified) assertive pride. Which is, as we know, the very definition of racist “White supremacy”: the crime everyone fears but no one bothers to define.

I know of no comparable lie in all of history.

This is why we need a new religion. To save our lost souls.


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