Close to eeeeeeeeeevil

Source: A Chorus of Violence: Jack Donovan and the Organizing Power of Male Supremacy | Southern Poverty Law Center

The SuperProgs at SPLC (kinfolk of the ACLU, ADL and other vermin) have targeted a buddy of mine as the quintessence of eeeeeeeeevil. Honored to know him.



2 thoughts on “Close to eeeeeeeeeevil

  1. I don’t necessarily agree with all his points, but, I most definitely agree with actually recognizing the reality of manhood. Very refreshing to listen his talks and not hear an effeminate voice.

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    • I don’t agree with everything either, but then I never do with anyone! He is a brilliant guy, not interested in nuance (at all), but focussed on some very essential points that everyone else wants to deny.


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