Gee. Hmmm. How come?

From USA Today:

“In 1974, 14% of white students, 5.5% of black students and 5.5% of Hispanic students had completed four years of college. This indicates black and Hispanic students lagged behind whites by 8.5%.

– In 2015, 36.2% of white students, 22.5% of black students and 15.5% of Hispanic students had completed four years of college. That’s a 13.7% gap between black and white students, and a 20.7% gap between Hispanic and white students — both much higher than the earlier 8.5% figure.

“So while education attainment — the number of individuals with degrees — has increased for all groups, the gaps in terms of percentage points has increased,” the report states.”

Clearly, White Racism has become more virulent and destructive of young Peeps of Color in the intervening 40 years.

After all, uh, what else could, umm,  explain this?


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