Star Drek as usual

Although the Star Trek ideology is ultra-Progressive –feminism, mandatory and sanctified race-mixing, oh-so-sophisticate atheism, contorted hyper-ethical concerns over things that common sense would esteem obvious– , one show (“Homeward,” 7.13) shows the rootedness of a people in their place, identified by their history and ancestry.  They are, however, pre-industrial and un-skeptical. Totally unlike the Enlightened Earthlings of Roddenberry’s imagination, who live by “convictions” and “principles.”  And a sense of kinship and identity that he would find, if applied to Whites, rankly racist.

I do note, however,that the character who embodies the rooted identity and memory of the group commits suicide when confronted with the Federation World, while the triumphant figure is a species and race mixing savior who transgresses the Prime Directive.

It never stops.

It really is true: if Progressives didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.


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