Eating each other alive

The Unitarian Universalists are a formerly Christian church which over time evolved into nothing more than a mild “churchifcation” of Progressive politics, a version of the Democratic Party at, well, sort of prayer…since they don’t actually believe in God.

It is THE consummate White form of religion and it is eating itself up over “White privilege” and all the other dogmatic fantasies of the Left.

I have a dear friend who is deeply involved in this organization and this will cause her upset, which I regret. But frankly, it is the natural unfolding of self-hating White Foolishness, the end of which is always suicide.


Peter Morales, the offending boss who resigned

Pics show the problem clearly:
guilt-ridden White liberals manipulated by professional minority victims.
Note predominance of colored, wymyn, lesbians and cucked males.

The Rev. Peter Morales (a ” White Hispanic”) announced his resignation from the presidency of the Unitarian Universalist Association this afternoon during a brief all-staff meeting. Morales stepped down in the midst of an escalating controversy over the UUA’s hiring practices and (too adult and realistic)  statements he made in response to charges that those policies reflect and perpetuate “white supremacy” in the liberal but predominately massively white religious movement.

Source: UUA President Peter Morales resigns amid controversy over hiring practices | UU World Magazine

A waggish friend of mine suggested that the best person to replace Rev Morales would be Rachel Dolezal. 😉


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