Young curmudgeons, old radicals

Given my grey hairs, –and there area lot of them, thankfully; baldness has passed me by– people sometimes dismiss my admittedly irascible attitudes as the natural decay of old men.

I am no so convinced of my snowflake exceptionalism to deny that entirely. You know the saying: if you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart; if you’re still a liberal at 40, you have no brain.

But I do point out that the men –and even a few women– who have inspired and encouraged my increasing drive to the Right Of Genghis Khan are all far younger than I.

The Alt-Right, which I find to be uniquely truthful about our current situation, is very much a movement of young males.

So for what it’s worth, while unkind people see me as a curmudgeon, I see myself as a radical.




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