Always the same

“California may never secede, or divide into different states, but it has effectively split into entities that could not be more different. On one side is the much-celebrated, post-industrial, coastal California, beneficiary of both the Tech Boom 2.0 and a relentlessly inflating property market. The other California, located in the state’s interior, is still tied to basic industries like homebuilding, manufacturing, energy and agriculture. It is populated largely by working- and middle-class people who, overall, earn roughly half that of those on the coast…a flyover state within a state.”

Source: The other California: A flyover state within a state – Orange County Register

High-minded ethics-obsessed Progressives are always the same: marching and singing and passing resolutions in favor of their favorite Oppressed Pets Somewhere, but grandly uncaring, even un-noticing, of the situation of the natives of the place, whom –if they are White– they hold in contempt.


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