Jews, Muslims “Common Cause” to Oppose European Nationalists: Europe’s Top Rabbi 

Source: Jews, Muslims “Common Cause” to Oppose European Nationalists: Europe’s Top Rabbi – The New Observer

The reality of ethnic and racial interests through religion is a fact of human nature that the current Zeitgeist absolutely forbids us to notice, unless, of course, it’s White Christianity.

US Jewish civic nationalist Dennis Prager opened my eyes painfully several years ago when, as part of his war on Lefty Jews (ie, 70% of Jews), he pointed out two persistent Jewish attitudes: hatred of Christianity and the demonization of any idea of national identity that is actually based on shared genes and culture (Israel, of course, being The Great Exception). This is a hard truth I long resisted, but the facts support it. Massive Jewish financial support for and influence in the Democratic party makes it clear, because the heart of the Democrat project is the destruction of (Gentile) White/Males.

“When there is tolerance for other languages, other cultures, religions, traditions, we Jews feel more accepted,” Goldschmidt, who is also chief rabbi of Moscow, said.

“At the moment when an ultra-nationalist wind begins to blow, it makes Jews, as a minority, uncomfortable.”

This deep-seated survivalist attitude will always make Jews, as a power group, enemies of their Gentile host nation’s actual historical identity. Their support and promotion in the US and Europe for the anti-White “proposition nation” idea of America and for  ever- expanding multi-racial groups and privileging them is part of a larger instinct for dis-empowering that native peoples of Gentile lands where they reside.

Even if the most overt anti-Jewish attitudes and actions come from Muslims in Europe, Jews continue to support their invasion because it weakens the EuroChristians, who remain for them the Ultimate Enemy.





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