Dark visions of our future

“Though President Trump has gone out of his way to praise his non-white supporters, he has not once specifically praised the European-Americans who were at the core of his winning coalition.”

At least 87% of Trump’s votes came from Whites. Whites elected him. The Race That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Mr Trump is a civic nationalist, not a racial nationalist. That was always clear. His “implicit Whiteness” has probably been the most prudent course: speaking in code in order to avoid even more LiterallyHitler apoplexy.

Source: Vox Popoli: Where is the God-Emperor?

No matter what his ups and downs, he will always have the great virtue of not being Mrs Clinton.

However, one wonders what he is up to of late.

And although I actually donated to his campaign AND joined the Republican Party so I could vote for him in the state primaries (both things I have never done before), I have never believed that he could in fact Make America Great Again.

All he can do (could have done?) is to slow our dismantling and allow a public voice for those who want to wake up White America sufficiently so that we can survive, as a group, the turmoils that –due to demography– must surely come.

It’s too early to tell.


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