Urban sprawl

On the growing chasm between American cities and the rest of America

Source: It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside.

When I Come To Power and re-write a constitution, one of its elements will address the urban-rural tension, which has become far more salient than the state-federal tension and indeed drives whatever juice that still has. Cities over a certain percentage of a state’s population will automatically become separate city-states.

Blue America is urban. And big cities dominate whole states.

As well, since the cities are where elites live (except maybe on weekends) and very importantly, where migrants of all kinds are headed, they create a view of a nation that is lopsided. That’s where the media are. And 70% of Blacks and Latinos live in cities, creating the insanely lopsided world view that comes pouring out of our various media screens. Watching TV, you’d never know that 7 out of 8 Americans are NOT Black, or that practically 2 our of three are White. The multicult image propaganda factory creates a vision just as fraudulent as the old Pravda did.

For example, several of our most charming Official Victim Minorities get all their energy, status and public space from the fact that they are urban groups: gays, Jews, Muslims, especially. These are only 3%, 2% and 1% of the US population, respectively. Yet as cultural markers and centers of influence they are hugely over-powerful. Partly because they are urban.

I disagree with the article, that it’s not elites, it’s cities. Where else do you think the elites live?




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