Correcting fake history

The USA is not, and never was, “a Judeo-Christian nation of immigrants”.

Source: Vox Popoli: Audaciously correcting fake history

Vox is highly intelligent and often right. But like all of us…well, all of you…he has little corners of his mind that strike me as quirky at best and cranky at worst. One of his sub-themes is that since the Founding Fathers set up the US for their “posterity.” He restricts this entirely to Americans of English descent. Everyone else is a sorta tolerated approximation.

Two things. First, the Founding Fathers also wrote the first immigration and naturalization bill in 1790 and there they described the chosen population as “free white persons of good character.” I know that the meaning of “white” is not fixed, but if they only meant Englishmen, they knew perfectly well how to say that.

Second, Vox himself frequently trumpets his mixed-race ancestry, part Indian and part Mexican along with White. Setting himself up as the arbiter of identity strikes me as somewhat lacking in humility.

All in all, he’s smart and blunt and usually worth a read. But he has his oddities, as does everyone…myself, of course, excepted.


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