A friend read me a piece yesterday about some Israelis complaining that the Palestinians were forcing their language conventions on popular discourse in order to advance sympathy for their cause, so that people were starting to talk about “Al-Nakba”, that is, The Catastrophe. This is how the Palies speak of the arrival of Israel in their lands.

Ironic complaint, coming from the folks who brought you The Holocaust.

People who question the Received Sacred Narrative of The Holocaust are called “deniers”. This is Prog parlance for heretic. Like “Climate Change Deniers.” Evil folks, falling from The Faith. When lesbians have Question Authority stickers on the back of their vans, this is one set of questions they definitely do NOT want you to question.

My approach here is somewhat different. To my knowledge, there is no other set of events in the Western world which are protected by law from investigation that leads to dissent. In Europe, you can and will go to jail for failing to accept The Received Narrative.

This is obviously, then, a good and worthy idea, this punishment of evil-thinkers.

So my question, if pressed about whether I am a “Holocaust denier” is to ask this:

Since you are obviously in favor of prohibitive legal action and social ostracism for questioning this particular historical phenomenon of the Jews in Europe in WWII, please make a list for me of all the other historical events that you think should be protected from investigation by law, and with fines and prisons terms. Or is this the only one that needs protection?


And if it is…well, isn’t that just a little bit odd?


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