All you have to do is pay attention to the news, using any set of media you like, to realize that the US no longer exists. It is at least two countries fighting for dominance over the other, but inside the same border and with the covering of a common government. But this cannot last.

We were called The United States of America by our Founding Fathers –who spoke of this term in the plural, by the way– not the Republic of America. Why? Because from day one we have been an attempt to unite disparate parts. The War Between the States was no fluke accident.

And when the Second Civil War comes…or The Revolution, or whatever it gets called, a huge reason for it will be the same one that provoked the first great tragedy: two groups of Whites fighting with each other over Coloreds.

Such an awful waste.

Lesson to be learned. Perhaps. Trying to put two utterly incompatible peoples inside the same national territory and forcing them to live together always leads to blood and destruction.



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