Thermodynamic politics

The Prophet Yogi Berra warned us about making predictions, especially about the future. Yet…

I cannot imagine how all the destruction –self-destruction, with outside help– wrought on Western civilization and culture since the end of WWII, so accelerated (but by no means initiated) since the 1960’s, can be stopped and reversed without very great upheaval and pain.

To put it most bluntly, we will either

be destroyed by the Third World and their White & Jewish Prog enablers and leaders

or there will be a

A. Civil War


B. a strongly authoritarian Rightist governmental regime rolling back all these changes in a most unpleasant and unnuanced manner.

I do not see how, within the current constitutional order, frayed and cracked and dying as it is, the seething hatreds between the WhiteMale-hating Left and the Western Civilization* Right can be worked through.

Just one chasm of many, but it is the most fundamental

*And without White Men at the center, dominant both in numbers and in power and status, there is NO Western Civilization any more.

You can no more continue The West through Africans than you could continue The Middle Kingdom through Swedes.




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