SeaCow Flashback

My expectations for President Trump have been modest. He promised a great deal. My attitude was that as along as he dealt with immigration strongly, I could let the rest go. So far, a mixed record, but no surprise. Again, I knew that if he were elected, he would face the combined resistance not only of the press, the academe, Hollywood and the Democrats, but the dickless traitors of the GOP. And, of course, The Blackrobes, who run rampant in their judicial throne rooms.

I did not count on the evil influence of his apostate daughter and her Chabad Kushner husband, though. That has been deeply unpleasant.

Anyhow, the Hildebeest, the SeaCow and Vampira Clinton got crushed. Always a happy memory.  And although Ivanka bat Kushner sows her crap around the Oval Office, at least she isn’t Huma Abedin!


October 2016: “Hillary Clinton is so far ahead of Donald Trump in the race for the presidency that she no longer even feels the need to pay attention to the Republican nominee.”

Source: Hillary Clinton so far ahead in polls that she ‘doesn’t even think about’ Donald Trump anymore 


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