The White Man’s Disease

One of our People’s most painful flaws is the ability to fall for rational ideologies that promise utopia. Marxism was the worst, by far. (And neo-Marxist/Maoist Progressivism is just a bourgeois version of its hellish parent). But Libertarianism, though 180 degrees opposed to the collectivism of Karl M, is just as ideological, that is, it reduces reality to a single idea: individual liberty aka the Non-Agreesion Principle.

I was a Libertarian for a transitional year or so, on my exit from Liberalism, until I saw how it played out into Open Borders-ism. Libertarians –99% of whom are White males (most unmarried)– ignore culture and fail to understand the biological basics of human nature as tribal. But they do value staying out of other people’s business.

Vox Day quotes Zman as follows, on an anti-LePen/pro-Macron oracularity from “Libertarian Pope” Nick Gillespie, exhibiting the abstract rationality of this ideology:

“France is becoming a Third World country because of economic policies instituted by the graduates of its finest schools, not Arabs.”

It should be impossible to be this stupid. I suspect for most of human existence, idiots who said moronic things like this tried to hand feed bears or cuddle with large reptiles, thus eliminating themselves from the the system…Anyone who truly believes altering tax policy will reverse a thousand generations of evolution is an idiot.

That’s the fundamental problem with modern libertarians. They believe this or they simply are incapable of mastering ground floor level biology. The reason the country of Niger is a basket case is that’s the way the people of Niger want it. It is full of Hausa. The reason Paris was Paris was that, up until recently, it was full of Parisians! Now that Paris is filling up with North Africans and Arabs, it is looking like Algeria with better plumbing.”

Source: Vox Popoli: The end of libertarianism


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