The fragility of our civilization

If the electricity goes out, how long do you think it will take before lots of people begin to lose their lives without it?

Source: Without Electricity Most Of The Population Will Not Survive

Potential Sequence of Events After “Lights Out”

Thousands trapped in elevators

ALL electrical appliances shut down-refrigerators, heating, A/C

ATM machines are inoperative

Banks and other businesses shut down

Gas stations without generators cannot pump fuel

Water faucets begin to run dry in some areas without utility generators

Toilets will no longer flush without water pressure

Drug stores and supermarkets being stripped

Law enforcement overwhelmed by emergencies and outbreaks of looting

Batteries on laptops, cell phones, and flashlights are dying

Conflicting descriptions of power outage, unknown expected duration

Officials disagree regarding recommended actions

Bridges, tunnels, highways becoming clogged with refugees

Gas stations running out of fuel (those that could pump)

Water is at a premium

Some emergency generators assist in pumping water and sewage (limited)

Many ‘unprepared’ are running out of food

Beginning to panic, discovering widespread outage ramifications

The “Oh $hit” moment of realization…

Any .gov emergency rations are depleted

Many of the elderly and infirm have died

Hospitals overwhelmed and struggling to perform emergency services

Military attempts to maintain semblance of order, but not enough personnel

Looting (especially cities) has become rampant

Millions upon millions are ‘on their own’

People have become deeply frightened and fear for their lives

Most are now entirely running out of food to eat

Many are dying in regions without access to water

Many are dying in regions/climates where there is no heat (if during winter)

Disease (e.g. typhoid fever, cholera) from eating tainted food, water, poor sanitation

Martial Law is declared (perhaps/probably much sooner)

Many drug-dependent patients are dying

The millions with severe psychotic disorders (no more meds) create bedlam

People and communities fighting over resources

Home invasions and violence-related die-offs

Escaped prisoners, organized gangs, more violence-related die-off

Communities are slowly starving

3 months, 70% – 90% are dead

The issue of all the bodies…


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