A memorial for Memorial Day?

Should Whites join the American military anymore?

This 2017 Memorial Day holiday gives me pause but also courage to say that one way we can help our plight is that we, Whites, should no longer fight in the U.S. military.  My reasoning is sound: the government and the third-word invaders that the government is importing to replace us absolutely care nothing for us. We would only be fighting for their future honor and glory, not for ours.

To be sure, like the U.S. in general, the U.S. Armed Forces still has a slight White majority. Most of its leaders are  White, and the butcher’s bill in battle is also still overwhelming paid by Whites. But what are we fighting and dying for? It is certainly not a future for us and our children. It is definitely not to defend our homeland from invaders.

Source: Memorial Day: Another Racist White Holiday – AltRight.com


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