Boomer nostalgia

The 50th Anniversary Summer of Love exhibition is at the de Young Museum in SF. The program features artist talks, film screenings, screen-printing workshops, DJ sets and a performance by SF Airship, a Jefferson Airplane tribute band that will belt out era-defining classics like “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love.” Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll runs through Aug. 20, collecting rock posters, photographs, ephemera, light shows and avant-garde films that evoke the spirit of 1967.

Source: Summer of Love celebration at the de Young – SFGate

I visited it yesterday. It was, after all, My Generation. My companion, several years my junior, was very amused by my unappreciatively judgmental approach to all this peace, love and grooviness.

As with everything from the 60’s, the product that was advertised was not the product that was delivered.

The show was smug and self-congratulatory. And to me, it epitomized every negative meaning of “White Privilege.”

But I still like the music.


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