A question on Russia

Not that I have investigated the issue very much. After all, the people who are pushing this idea are the same ones who lie 24/7 about everything else, so why would I be interested?

But I do have one question: exactly how did the Russian supposedly “hack” or “tamper with” the election?

What did they do, concretely? Change the vote tallies in the Electoral College? I mean, what could they possibly do by computer attack to alter the process of the voting or the counting or reporting of votes?

This is a real question, cause I can’t seem to find an answer.
PS   While I’m at it, this stuff reminds me of the pathetic AfroCentrics who claim that the Europeans “stole” the philosophy and science of the ancient Egyptians (which they claim was a Black Afrikan culture…) and passed it off as their own. As if philosophy and science were material objects, like a loaf of bread or a car, that you can steal, so that the original owner now lacks them…

An insight into the perfervid Ebonic brain. A lot of them, with their low IQ, simply cannot grasp higher “racist” concepts like…uh, concepts.


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