Bad Christians

I recently left this message for a website with self-declared orthodox Anglicans lamenting the latest Islamic slaughter in England. They did a lot of hand-wringing. They’ll do the same thing next time it happens.

The only things that could possibly save you now, as a people and as a religion, are attitudes and actions which your Christian ancestors (Catholic and Protestant both) would have naturally and happily undertaken already, but which you, along with most of the high-minded and emasculated West, now think yourselves far too moral even to contemplate. Your Christianity has been infected by a retrovirus which now makes of the churches little more than factories for the very ideas which will destroy both them and the nation which gave birth to them. And all you know how to do is talk.

Let me exemplify how hollowed-out their faith is. And these are the conservatives…

I am absolutely sure that if they were given a choice about affirming solidarity with only one of the following two groups, they would choose the first over the second. Without hesitation:

An orthodox Jewish rabbi and an orthodox Muslim imam who both affirm clearly the assessment of their Semitic faiths’ holy books that Christianity is a form of idolatrous polytheism, but who affirm universal equal human rights,


an orthodox fellow-Christian pastor who denied the egalitarian dogmas of racial equality and the right of women to vote.

You think I’m wrong? That they’d sooner join arms with men who deny Christ than be seen to be less than “decent” people…

Even the rightwing religionists in the West are, deep down, cucked progressives.


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