My evil thoughts

The pathetic image of a suicidal England, led by her childless female PM,
assuring us all that the one thing “we” are NOT is actually English.
That would be rank racism.

When I think of these things, my head wants to explode and I envision apocalyptic bloodbaths cleansing the world.

Police urged “Britain” to stay calm on Monday as authorities investigated the fourth terrorist attack within three months, this time directed against “the Muslim community.”

Source: London on edge as authorities investigate attack by man heard to say: ‘I want to kill Muslims’ – LA Times


In a healthy culture, the predations of Muslims over the last decades would not only have resulted in A. immediate cessation of all Third World immigration and B. expulsion of all the Mohammedans, but C. dramatic and violent mob reprisals against Muslims, their neighborhoods, institutions and individuals. That would have been the healthy and moral thing.

If a few of those “evil” things had take place back then, think of all the death, destruction, rape and collapse that could have been avoided.

It would have been well, well worth it.



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