About ExC 2.0


(This blog is a continuation via WordPress of my nine-years of blogging at www.usmalesf.blogspot.com if you’re interested in intellectual archeology.)


This blog is where, as Ex Cathedra, a man of the West rants against the dying of the light, the light of the West, at the hands of her own Mordred, Liberal Progressivism. And imagines how things might turn out afterwards.

For most of my adult life I was a garden variety Boomer Generation liberal. I liked equality, sharing and being nice. Around 1999 the conflicts between what I was seeing in the world and what I was told I was supposed to see got pretty strong. I briefly investigated Libertarianism, but only until September 11, 2001 where,  to my amazement and horror,  I found myself born-again as a Conservative (not a Republican, but a Conservative).

The multiple disasters of the last several years have led me out of Conservatism because  #cuckservatives have utterly failed to show any serious desire to stop the juggernaut of the Left.  What did Conservatism conserve?

I lean now to an Even Darker Side, where the people who make the most sense of what is going on are the spokesmen for the Alt-Right

Liberalism has revealed itself to be a totalitarian secular religion which aims to control all of life. It is Marxism gone global, expanding Class war to Race war and Gender war, expressed through its Politically Correct seven-spoked Wheel of the Law:

anti-White multiculturalism
anti-Male feminism and LGBT genderism
anti-wealthcreating redistributionism

plus the acolyte issues:

anti-nationalist globalism
anti-Christian secularism**
anti-masculine pacifism*
anti-human environmentalism

*with exceptions for far-Left gangs of Antifa.
** but not 
anti-Muslim secularism; Islam is privileged and promoted.

The fundamental condition which has allowed this poison to spread is the complete collapse of White Men’s moral self-confidence. Only the radical reversal of that sickness will halt the decline.

Like a retrovirus, Liberal Progressivism has hijacked pretty well all the institutions designed to protect the West and they have now become factories for creating the disease itself: government, media, education and the cultural consensus of our elites and their cadres of Social Justice Warriors. Even the churches are now treasonously complicit with an ideology that was born out of hatred for them.

My interests are first of all in the survival of my people and our civilization. Expressed through paying attention to religion, race and culture, politics, masculinity and sexuality. And sometimes whatever comes into my head.

This makes me, in the eyes of this diseased Zeitgeist,  a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anti-semitic, Privileged White Male enabler of rape culture, a hater and a fearmonger, a KKK and Nazi-loving Hitler. Literally. 😉

And since Liberals believe that anyone who fails to accept Obama as their personal savior is not only evil but stupid, let me say that Ex Cathedra has an IQ in the top 2%, as well as five university degrees, one from an Ivy League school and including a PhD.

Doesn’t mean I’m always correct, but I suggest it means I can’t be dismissed as dumb.

I’m trying to see reality. And I am skeptical of virtue-signalling moralists who want me and mine to suffer the results of their piety, while they remain untouched.

I remain curious.



2 thoughts on “About ExC 2.0

  1. Wow. I enjoyed reading some of your blog posts (Catholicism, politics, Jungian psycology, etc.). I just found it by chance. I seem to have many of the same thoughts and issues you express.


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