Whites only

obey the informal rules of engagement in America when dealing with blacks: abide their shortcomings with a sumptuously magnanimous spirit.

Source: Chateau Heartiste

And as Shelby Steele revealed years ago in The Content of Our Character, this is the race game that Blacks and Whites play. Whites grant to Blacks a consistent “license and deference” in order to be granted “racial innocence” in return. As bad a deal as the Iran uranium deal.

Having non-White connections really opens your eyes to seeing how Whites are really the only people who care about not being “racist.”

Pet worship

Some White people, usually females and gay males, have pets (whom, that?) they worship, cats and dogs, etc. who, despite being totally dependent on their owners, actually run their owners lives, while the owners feel privileged to be in such paradoxical servitude.

Other White people –well, sometimes there’s quite an overlap– engage in another kind of pet worship. They worship Blacks…who, despite being totally dependent on their owners, actually run their owners lives, while the owners feel privileged to be in such paradoxical servitude.

Even the loathesome slug (((Bill Maher))) is now being chewed out for his WordCrime of comparing himself to a “house nigger” by the likes of a parasite like Ice Cube, and taking it.

Our ancestors are writhing in rage and gnashing their teeth in anger at our utter and unimaginable self-humiliation.

Sanatio in radice, as it were

A White man denying to a Progressive that he is a “racist” is like a Christian denying to a Muslim that he is a “kaffir.” If you accept the accusation’s grounds sufficiently so that you deny that you are guilty of it, you only legitimize the terminology, by which you will always be guilty.

By asserting your innocence of the charge, you implicitly accept that the charge has meaning and status to begin with. You must reject the very terms. From the beginning.

Methodist Church Ordains First Non-Binary Trans Deacon(ette?)

‘For so long, I’ve longed to be a pastoral presence in the world’…to attack “homophobia, transphobia and the legacy of colonialism.”

All of which, as we know, were obsessions of Jesus and the Apostles.

Source: Methodist Church Ordains First Non-Binary Trans Deacon | The Daily Caller

Once you ordain women, you may as well just shut up shop. You’re dead.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.22.40 AM

Women destroy every male institution to which they are admitted on grounds of equality, turning them into Stalinist daycare centers.

Rev King’s legacy stumbles on…

Jackson, Mississippi, the state capital, is 80+% Black. And the new Black Power mayor wants to get what his predecessor & dad couldn’t: a movie theatre…I wonder if the fact that the city has a crime rate 300% of the national average might have something to do with it.

Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like – SBPDL: In Nearly 90% Black Jackson, Mississippi (Capital of State), City’s New Black Power Mayor Promises to “figure out how to get a movie theater”

And, of course, our fellow Americans of the Afrikan Diaspora, suffering under the boot of White Supremacy….

Bad Christians

I recently left this message for a website with self-declared orthodox Anglicans lamenting the latest Islamic slaughter in England. They did a lot of hand-wringing. They’ll do the same thing next time it happens.

The only things that could possibly save you now, as a people and as a religion, are attitudes and actions which your Christian ancestors (Catholic and Protestant both) would have naturally and happily undertaken already, but which you, along with most of the high-minded and emasculated West, now think yourselves far too moral even to contemplate. Your Christianity has been infected by a retrovirus which now makes of the churches little more than factories for the very ideas which will destroy both them and the nation which gave birth to them. And all you know how to do is talk.

Let me exemplify how hollowed-out their faith is. And these are the conservatives…

I am absolutely sure that if they were given a choice about affirming solidarity with only one of the following two groups, they would choose the first over the second. Without hesitation:

An orthodox Jewish rabbi and an orthodox Muslim imam who both affirm clearly the assessment of their Semitic faiths’ holy books that Christianity is a form of idolatrous polytheism, but who affirm universal equal human rights,


an orthodox fellow-Christian pastor who denied the egalitarian dogmas of racial equality and the right of women to vote.

You think I’m wrong? That they’d sooner join arms with men who deny Christ than be seen to be less than “decent” people…

Even the rightwing religionists in the West are, deep down, cucked progressives.

First, Reagan made gay men get AIDS

by not saying anything. And now, eight years of Obama talking have only made it worse, and for Black men especially.

Presidents, after all, have mysterious magical powers…

Gay and bisexual black men in US have a higher HIV rate than that of any country in the world.

Source: HIV Rate Could Hit 50% for Gay and Bisexual Black Men in US

But given that Blacks of all sexes and persuasions have higher rates of STDs, why is this so surprising?

I remember back 30 years ago, trying to get Black pastors to talk about HIV to their people and being told by them, smugly and contemptuously, that AIDS was a White thing…You’re welcome.