The Awful Truths

516n-05j9wlAmerica in 1937

My Turn To The Right began around the turn of the century, after a lifelong assumption of Liberalism’s tenets, aka equality, niceness and sharing. With continual investigation and with the observation of how the world has actually changed over the decades I have lived, I have only gotten worse.


America in the 21st century
(forget the wretched Moore; I just wanted the title)

Here are some of The Awful Truths I now find myself in sympathy with, clean contrary to anything I could ever have imagined back when I was an undergraduate at Columbia University, at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius:

On Race

Races are real and not “equal.”  To say that they are equal really says nothing substantive and only forbids seeing them as they are. In what possible way are Ashkenazi Jews and Australian Aborigines “equal?”  They’re both forms of Homo sapiens, that’s all. Not significant. Pit Bulls and Shih Tzus are both dogs. What is significant is their difference, not their least common denominator.

Race, and therefore racial competition and conflict,  is at the bottom of all our culture’s troubles. And so you either stand with yours against the others or you collude with the others against yours. History now. alas,  gives us no other choice.

Blacks and Whites are especially incompatible races and ought not live together in the same spaces, since they only make each other miserable. A half-century of experience suggests the unthinkable: that the evil segregationists were right.

On Gender

There are only two sexes: male and female.

Women destroy ever male institution they are admitted to, turning them into Stalinist daycare centers.

Women ought not be co-educated with men, especially in universities.

Women ought neither vote nor hold public office. (Neither should a lot of men)

On Groups

Individuals are a useless measure of large groups. Only the aggregate group impact is of interest. Forests, not trees.

Universal human equality is a fanciful dogma without evidence. Universal human rights is a scam.

Universal suffrage in a democracy is just mob rule by ballot box and should be dismantled.

On Other Things

The Churches of the West are irremediably lost –the Roman Church included– to the Progressive retrovirus and sadly, they pose a mortal danger to the souls of White men and to our survival and civilization.

The United States is unravelling and will either morph into a colored-majority Third World Progressive dictatorship or more than one polity will emerge from its dysfunctional Civil War 2.0.  Its looming fate was sealed in 1964-65, with the Civil Rights Act and the Immigration Act.

Martin Luther King is one of the worst things ever to happen to America.

If you are not of European heritage, you can’t really be an American.

As a group, Blacks contribute nothing of real value to society; only entertainment in the form of sports, music and catch phrases (and employment for prison guards and social workers and corrupt politicians). Otherwise they are a net drain. They constantly complain that Whites are keeping them down; the truth is that we are the only thing keeping them up.

“Racism” has no meaning other than to pathologize and silence non-Progressive positions about non-Whites. None.

The one thing that holds together the entire motley coalition of the Progressives is their envious resentment, their hatred, of White Men, especially Heterosexual and Gentile White Men. In the ideo-mythology of Race-Gender-Class, Pale Males always play the role of Satan.

Feminism –now morphed into genderism via the LGB/T construct– is fundamentally about envy and resentment of men.

Multiculturalism is nothing other than than an anti-White ideology. That’s all it ever means.

Jews, a tiny 2% minority in America with more money and influence than any other ethnic group, are major agents behind the Progressive ideology (see all above) and are therefore to be looked on with robust skepticism.  Jews, by the way, whose homeland lies in western Asia, are Caucasian (like Arabs) but not White, which means European-only.

Whites (the European peoples throughout the world) are The Most Foolish People On The Planet©.  No other race would so grotesquely cooperate with its enemies’ agenda of destruction and then deem racial self-abasement and suicide to be the height of virtue.

Islam is an expansionist territorial theocracy and therefore inherently incompatible with the West. Muslims need to re-migrate back whence they came. Willingly or not.

The United States, under its present legal system and cultural assumptions, is incapable of defending itself against Islamic aggression, since that hides behind the “religion” issue. Nor can it address its race issues under the Constitution.

The Constitution hardly matters anymore. There is zero difference between “a living Constitution” and current judicial opinion.

Immigration is war.

Ultimately, the only way left to Western men to save our culture and civilization is to adopt, fiercely and without apology, every single attitude, belief and behavior pattern of which our enemies accuse us and which we, as a group, have striven to disavow. By trying vainly to live up to their moral code, we have completely disarmed ourselves and have granted to people who loathe us the power to judge us. And the judgment is always the same: guilty.

Our situation is so dire that only by re-claiming and actually becoming the worst forms of what they say we are can we hope to re-arm ourselves agains them.